Solar Grid Power

Solar Grid Power

The setup where the DC power generated from solar panels is converted to AC and then connected to the utility grid is termed as grid connected or at times called grid tied solar power. The size can vary from ‘a few watts to giga watts’. The solar panels can be placed or laid on rooftops or ground mounted. There are many technologies which make up the grid connected solar power setup.

Grid connected solar power offers unique challenges that Kaizen NanoLabs is fully prepared to deal with. We de-risk projects through very comprehensive planning at a very early stage of the project.We believe in being totally prepared for any kind of contingencies, hence we do everything humanly possible to make sure that no stone is un-turned. We offer various types of grid power solutions based on customer needs. The scale of projects we take on range from small to medium and large. We can go from watts to giga watts implementation. If an opportunity arises where we are challenged to implement Giga Watt scale, we will take it on. We believe in taking the bull by its horns and dealing with it. Kaizen NanoLabs along with its partners who have experience in implementing above 1000 MW of solar power plants is highly experienced in executing projects of any scale in any part of the world.

Kaizen NanoLabs offers various types of grid connected solar power plant solutions based on the location of the project. Technology selection right from Solar CPV, Solar Thermal, Solar PV, Solar Thin film or others will be decided based on customer requirements and maximizing return on investment for customers. Kaizen NanoLabs offers full scale analysis, a thorough techno-economic feasibility report and help customers in taking an informed decision. We can also provide techno-socio-economic feasibility report to help customers take an informed decision with social impact of their investments and the location.

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