Area & Parking

Area & Parking

Clear and crisp lighting for parking and other open areas means more customers. People tend to avoid going to areas that are poorly lit be it a mall’s parking lot or a supermarket parking area. Bright, non-flickering, no-nonsense light is a must for good business. Lighting impacts the brand image of a company providing certain facilities. The fear involved with walking in a dark area extends to almost any area that has parking; hence brightly lit areas are uninviting to human predators. The IP certifications for our lights help them survive the toughest of climatic conditions.

Kaizen NanoLabs LED lights provide this safety by being bright enough. We have various options for various pole heights and various angles. Kaizen NanoLabs LED light option provides bright, clean, durable and long lasting light. Our luminaries are compliant with international certifications making them safe and less bulky. Kaizen NanoLabs parking and area lights work longer and more efficiently compared to sodium vapor lights or others which create a flicker. They are designed to create clean lighting causing no harm to the environment.

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