Lighting Space

Lighting Space

Kaizen NanoLabs design team understands that every space, be it open or closed is demanding in its lighting requirements, and understanding this is key to put the right kind of light with best functionality and looks. It is also important that we embrace the absence of light in certain places where there is no need for it functionally or aesthetically. Kaizen NanoLabs caters to all types of lighting needs through its LED lights portfolio. There are indoor and outdoor lights, AC/DC lights, dimmable and non-dimmable lights, solar or non-solar lights that consume the least amount of energy and are highly energy efficient, thereby giving huge energy savings upto orders of ten times. The complete portfolio of Kaizen NanoLabs LED lights are LEED, ESTIDAMA Pearl, Green Star, BREEAM, Green Mark, GRIHA and other green standards compliant.

Industrial interiors can be of various types, right from a chemical industry to automotive manufacturing unit to steel, paper, cement, semiconductor manufacturing units etc. Each one has its different lighting requirements. Kaizen NanoLabs’ LED lights cater to each of these needs with varying lux, size and robustness thereby making sure that there is no flicker, glare, insufficient lighting, improper lighting and poorly distributed lighting. Production houses cannot afford to risk anything and we fully understand the gravity and its effect of every dollar if anything goes wrong. Kaizen NanoLabs LED lights are very energy efficient hence they are lighter on electricity bills, they have the right amount of lighting to make the experience of working fatigue-less and are non-hazardous unlike many environmentally unfriendly lights.

Every pathway worldwide requires a different kind of lighting, Kaizen NanoLabs has both standard model of LED lights and custom LED lights. Pathways can vary based on where it is built and the surrounding. Our lighting designers fully understand this from an architectural, infrastructure perspective and have deep experience having handled challenging problems worldwide. Kaizen NanoLabs LED lights are able to leverage their experience and open doors to a new guest experience. Pathways require proper lighting as it adds to the security and safety being a must in the area. Kaizen NanoLabs LED lights come in various colors and the standard warm white, true white and normal white will also be able to accentuate the experience for customers.

Transportation stations or stretches having vehicle movement is both intimidating and inviting for the unsuspecting, as it presents various dangers without proper lighting. Kaizen NanoLabs understands the dangers of being lackadaisical and unconcerned that could cost human and animal lives. Kaizen NanoLabs lights are neither too bright nor too dull for such requirements, secondly we understand that varying the lighting intensity depending on sunlight becomes critical in these areas, hence our dimmable LED lights create the required safety, security and help lower energy bills as dimming range is between 0% and 100%. Kaizen NanoLabs also understands that such areas cannot be constantly undergoing repair or replacements as they could be public transportation zones with limited budgets, to help avert this problem we provide LED lights with very long lifetime.

Handheld lights are an important part of our lives, starting with the age-old hand held oil and wick based lighting that is used even till today in villages. Kaizen NanoLabs sees that there is a transformation that needs to be brought to address this pollution based lighting; hence we have a solution of a handheld LED light addressing such needs and other needs of urban living. Kaizen NanoLabs LED lights last for many hours and are rechargeable, they are very bright and cost competitive. They have been built for rugged working environments and grips.

Every day millions of people are at the mercy of proper lighting to move around both in urban and rural streets. The urban streets present a unique set of challenges unlike rural streets, varying climatic conditions, movement of vehicles, kids playing on streets, dust, vandalism etc. Kaizen NanoLabs provides customized solution for the varying requirements. A light that can create safety and security during night times in streets is a life saver, and hence we go from design to implementation to make sure the correct choice of our products is put in place. We work with the community or city depending on their needs, and then clearly create a plan to optimize costs. Lighting streets requires many lights hence costs increase, but Kaizen NanoLabs team works with you to lower the number of lights installed as our LED lights can replace the same lighting requirements with lesser number of lights, thereby cutting cost. Secondly the maintenance is very low for our LED lights, hence the city or community can benefits from not having to constantly spend. It’s a “Fit it & Forget it” model.

Every location requires security, but there are some areas which require extra safety measures for example a parking lot, kids play area, power plant, etc. These security lighting should be very bright, without flicker, even light distribution to state a few aspects, so that any wrong doing or accident can be clearly captured from security outposts. We urge you to take a look at our portfolio of security lighting to pick the one that serve your need, you can always talk to one of our sales personnel to help you make the right choice. The demand on security lighting is very high and any mistake in the choice could cost lives.

Clear and crisp lighting for parking and other open areas means more customers. People tend to avoid going to areas that are poorly lit be it a mall’s parking lot or a supermarket parking area. Bright, non-flickering, no-nonsense light is a must for good business. Lighting impacts the brand image of a company providing certain facilities. The fear involved with walking in a dark area extends to almost any area that has parking; hence brightly lit areas are uninviting to human predators. The IP certifications for our lights help them survive the toughest of climatic conditions.

Kaizen NanoLabs LED lights provide this safety by being bright enough. We have various options for various pole heights and various angles. Kaizen NanoLabs LED light option provides bright, clean, durable and long lasting light. Our luminaries are compliant with international certifications making them safe and less bulky. Kaizen NanoLabs parking and area lights work longer and more efficiently compared to sodium vapor lights or others which create a flicker. They are designed to create clean lighting causing no harm to the environment.

Businesses owning parking structures can truly appreciate Kaizen NanoLabs LED lights for parking lots. Parking lots are a tricky space to fit lights into. They are open and closed at the same time, they have excess light coming in and very little at the same time, and hence this duality leads to complexity. This complexity is handled by Kaizen NanoLabs through its design and secondly with its high quality energy efficient dimmable lights, tied to an energy management system. At different points during the day different lights needs within and outside of the parking structure demands attention to minute details. Lights within parking structures suffer from extremes of all types, hence maintaining a balance can be very tricky as it’s connected to vehicle safety and security.

Stadiums, storage areas, industrial high bays, gas stations etc are just some examples where Kaizen NanoLabs LED lights can play a significant role in benefiting its customers. In some locations it’s about creating a new experience and in others its pure functionality. Current flood lights are power guzzling floodlights.

Kaizen NanoLabs offers a wide variety of solutions for canopy lighting and our solution has the additional advantage of being LEDs. Canopy lights need to be of various kinds from flexible to plain canopy lighting. For example the canopy of a ‘gas station’/’petrol bunk’ has an additional requirement apart from having to be being bright, even light distribution, no flickering etc, it needs to be non-flammable, very few lights can actually do this.

The beauty of architecture is truly accentuated with the right lighting mix. It is not only the regions of light but the regions of darkness that the design and LED lights of Kaizen NanoLabs embrace. To truly understand how important light is and how it can make your interiors attractive come talk to us. The quality of the light matters a lot because interiors are quite personal spaces, and we love our personal spaces to look beautiful. Kaizen NanoLabs treats interiors like dresses we wear, want to look good and feel good, you will truly see the beauty of lights and how important they are by choosing Kaizen NanoLabs experiential lighting.

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