Shariah Investor

Shariah Investor

Faith based investing is something we understand well, the non-interest based models of investing for various energy assets is ideal for investor as they are halal plus tailored to investor needs : long term investments or just short term.

The Noble Qur'an - Al-Imran 3:130

"O you who believe! Eat not Ribâ (usury) doubled and multiplied, but fear Allâh that you may be successful."

For practicing Muslims, Islam is the way of life and we understand this sensitivity all too well. Investors doing Shariah based investments that are interest-free, can avail our programs on asset investments, be it Musharakah, Mudarabah, etc, any of the above instruments of investment they find suitable. Kaizen NanoLabs respects and deeply understands that they desire the best of both the world's, this life and the afterlife. Kaizen NanoLabs take these issues very seriously as this is part of the belief system of over 1.2 billion people worldwide.

Kaizen NanoLabs is willing to work with the investor to create the right model that they are comfortable with and create a win-win solution.

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