Abrar Ahmed



A serial entrepreneur with educational background and work experience in India (B.E. at University of Madras) and USA (University of Southern California, Los Angeles). His experience in semiconductor industry extends to very complex ASIC’s, analog design, product development, SoC’s etc with world class research lab making human implantable chips, world famous multinational telecom company, start-up, defense organization and short stints with other industries on business development and marketing roles. The lifelong entrepreneurial urge could no more be suppressed since 2007, as by nature he loves challenging and risk based ventures because they require a certain thirst, drive and multi-faceted approach to handle. Energy sector being a massive challenge worldwide and high risk task to solve via renewable energy sources caught his attention and secondly deeply pondering over the fact that : ‘2 billion people on planet earth live on lesser than $2 a day’. These two points had a deep impact on him that lead to founding of “Kaizen NanoLabs”. He is a firm believer that anything can be solved, if one has the “will to do it”.

Fazia Azma



Hailing from the Silicon valley of India, Bangalore, armed with a B.E. in ECE, and having worked on software coding and testing at L&T Infotech for a while. She discovered her entrepreneurial inclination in 2007 when she also saw that “Power sector” is going to be a massive challenge in the future and moving away from fossil fuel dependency would secure every country of its energy needs. Since then she has been a driving force at various things happening at “Kaizen NanoLabs”. Once bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, things never stopped for her, she has ended up being co-founder in many other companies.

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